Featured Project

SeaGrapes Winecave  features a central skeleton of plate steel to provide the strength to span the ten-foot space between the columns.  The material to be carved was bonded to steel and shaped to resemble hand tooled metal and grapes.  The grape leaves in the wreath are pressed copper that are attached to the copper wreath with bronze rods  for stems.  All the finishes are natural patina that provide purple for the grapes, green for the copper and blue for the bronze.

Bistro Bijoux is a European style restaurant.  The sign incorporates a monocoque style construction technique that gains strength and rigidity from the outer panels or “skin”.  This lightweight, hollow sign is supported by a steel hanger unit that is decorated with faux bronze scroll work.  The sign is finished with a copper plating with natural green patina  sealed with wax.  This genuine finish will age and evolve.  The inlaid letters were gilded in 23k gold.

Coconut Kids is a children’s retail store located in a pedestrian only shopping village.  This sign is a three dimensional sculpture, with dimensions of  36” high by 48”wide.  To meet required wind loads, this sign features a steel armature inside the arms, blocks and through the body where it is bolted to the roof.   As you can see from the picture, the “monkey” is quite adaptable to any occasion.  How's that for interactive signage!